Introduction: Easy Animal Craft

 One day my little brother told my dad and I that he wanted to make animal crafts. So we got a bunch of supplies and made crafts. They turned out better than we had expected. So, I have created this Instructable to show you how to make the animals.

Step 1: Materials

 For this craft, you will need:

1. thick, 1/2 inch-1 inch cardboard tube
2. snap blade knife, hacksaw, or any other blade you could use to cut cardboard
3. assorted pom-poms and googley eyes 
4. colored pipe cleaners 
5. hot glue gun 
6. colored construction paper 
7. glitter glue, markers, and other decorating supplies (optional) 
8. scotch tape 
9. scissors 
10. ruler 

Step 2: Step One

 Cut the cardboard tube to a length of 4 1/4 inches using the blade or hacksaw.

Step 3: Step Two

 Cut a strip of construction paper that is 4 1/4 by 6 inches.

Step 4: Step Three

 Tape the paper to the tube and cut off the extra paper.

Step 5: Step Four

 Twist two pipe cleaners around each end of the tube to form legs. Then bend the legs at the bottom to form feet.

Step 6: Step Five

 If you want to, decorate the tube between the two pipe cleaners.

Step 7: Step Six

 If you want your animal to have a tail, fold a pipe cleaner in half, twist it, and bend it into a cane shape. Put a medium sized pom-pom in the hook of the cane. If you do not want your animal to have a tail, just put aside a medium-sized pom-pom. These will be attached later.

Step 8: Step Seven

Use an extra large pom-pom for the head. Arrange smaller pop-poms and googley eyes for the facial features. These will also be attached later. 

Step 9: Step Eight

 With the hot glue gun, glue the facial features to the head and glue the head to one end of the body.

Step 10: Step Nine

 Now glue the pipe cleaner and pom-pom or the pom-pom to the other end of the body.

Step 11: Step Ten

 Just wait for the glue to dry and you're done!