Easy Arduino Library DanLib

Introduction: Easy Arduino Library DanLib

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DanLib is a free library that you can easily implement the following functions.

1. Serial Trans./Receive and string processing.

2. Bluetooth Trans./Receive and string processing.

3. Button Events: Down (), Up (), Click (), DoubleClick (), Hold (), LongHold () ....

4. Gesture control with UltraSonic: WaveIn (), WaveOut (), WaveHold (), WaveNearToFar (), WaveFarToNear ....

5. Buzzer Music, Play four octaves total 48 Do, #Do, Re, # Re, Mi ....... ..........

Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/member/Daniel%20Lu/i...

Download: http://www.rasvector.url.tw/hot_91270.html


How to install Arduino Library: http://www.rasvector.url.tw/hot_91270.html

DanLib Download: http://www.rasvector.url.tw/hot_91270.html

More in FB Fans Page: http://www.rasvector.url.tw/hot_91270.html

Step 1: Serial Trans./Receive

1. Serial transceiver and string processing.

........... Application Examples: Heartbeat Detection

Document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lje845q9qnquyxu/RasVecto...

Step 2: BlueTooth Trans./Recieve and String Processing

Application Examples:


Step 3: Button Events

Button control: Down (), Up (), Click (), DoubleClick (), Hold (), LongHold () .... six input mode.

Application example: mobile piano Music to Buzzer, use the button to do a variety of playback function.

Step 4: UltraSonic Gesture Events.

Gesture control: WaveIn (), WaveOut (), WaveHold (), WaveNearToFar () .... and other seven input modes.

.......... Application Examples: Ultrasonic Gestures Playing Piano https://goo.gl/Ed7qMk

Step 5: Buzzer Music.

Buzzer Module: Play four octaves total 48 Do, #Do, Re, # Re, Mi .......

.......... Application Examples: Cellphone Piano Music Editor and Buzzer


Step 6: All Resources Available Here.

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