Introduction: Easy Art for Kids

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Coming up with new ideas for kid's art projects usually turns into the same, mediocre crayon-on-paper ordeal.
Even your average 4 year-old is yawning behind the colored wax sticks. With this tutorial, you can help creative a wonderfully artistic and memorable experience for you and your little one!

With a little bit of science and tempura, washable paint, we'll make concentric circles that you and your kids will marvel at.

Here's to wallhanging-worthy kids art! Let's get started!

Step 1: Creating the Stand

There are many different ways to do this; all we're looking to create is a stable stand that we can thread through to create a pendulum that will drop paint onto our canvas or paper.

I used wood to create my stand, which consisted of
Two 2x4s, 24 inches long
Four 2x2s, 8 inches long
One 30 inch dowel
a handful of screws
and thread.

Other types of stands can be made of PVC pipes, or even cardboard boxes with a paper-towel role as your dowel. Get creative! This is art, after all!

Step 2: Gathering Paint Supplies

I used a pair of Wilton squeeze bottles and filled them with Tempura, washable, kid-friendly, paint. These will be used as the applicators. I thinned the paint a tad bit with water to achieve a slightly more liquid consistency.

I used a square piece of pre-treated canvas material. This will be what sits on the ground and gets painted on. You could also use card stock or poster boards.

Step 3: Getting Ready

I drilled a small hole through my dowel where a piece of string will connect it to the paint applicator. This will be our pendulum.

Next, I prepped my Wilton squeeze bottle by cutting out the bottom, and making two small holes about a half inch away from the newly cut bottom, exactly opposite each other. These two holes will be strung through with the string hanging from our dowel.

Now, cut a larger opening on the squeeze top so the paint can flow easily out of it. Because we thinned our paint a bit with water, it should flow out effortlessly. I put a small cup directly underneath the bottle so it wouldn't get unto my canvas material until I was ready to set it in motion.

Step 4: Set It in Motion and Watch It Go!

I used a circular motion to get the pendulum paint bottle moving around. And the effect it creates is awesome!

Hope you enjoy your art experience with your little ones!