Introduction: Easy Awesome Cat Toy

This cat toy will be A fun and awesome toy for your cat It crinkles it hangs its awesome. My cat loves to play with the easy awesome cat toy for hours. This toy also lats for a really long time. So maybe you should see if your cat likes it too.


For this project, you will need 1 1/2ft of string, felt 2 buttons A sheet of tissue paper, finally a stop of aluminum foil.

Step 1: Shape

1 take your pieces of felt and cut them however you want

2 Sew the pieces together all for 3/4 of the way

Step 2: Fill

1 cut your tissue paper in too little pieces

2 then fill the toy in the gap you left

Step 3: Finaly

1 Sew it all up

2 then sew the buttons on 1 on each side

Step 4: One More

Then sew the tail in the back

next, you put the allunimion foil by pulling the needle through the ball with the string then cut and tie

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