Introduction: Easy Basic Animation

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Hello everyone after a long time I am posting an instructable today. Many are interested to create their own animation but people often are confused where to start it. Here is an easy example, which guides you to create a simple and effective animation (This tutorial is for beginners) not more than a day.

The following tutorial is a 14.8 sec length animation, runs at a rate of 24FPS (Frames per second). It took me 1 day to complete.

Drawing Tablet: Yes (Wacom Bamboo series)

Software used: Macromedia Flash 8.

Motions in animation: Virtual camera (Action script 2.0)

Note: Before following this tutorial, please learn the basic commands and tools available in flash 8.

The following video shows the end result of this tutorial.

Step 1: Easy Environment

The concept is simple, a man is tied in a room suddenly he feels a monster inside him. In order to make things easy, we can first try in front view. Major things to be noted here is the cracks around the cuffs, blood and posture of the person.

The man been cuffed and his head facing down shows that the person was beaten and tied up. To add extra effect to the situation blood has been added on the floor. Optional blood trails on the walls, you can even add on his arms and torso.

Step 2: Cough and Breathe

Previously i have mentioned that the man has been beaten and tied, so just as he wakes up we will make him cough out blood and breathe heavily. The sequence to make this has been shown in the images. The first seven images shows the sequence for the cough action.

Next lets move on to the breathe action which is the most easiest part in this animation. Just expand and contract his body slowly and also dont forget to reciprocate his head.

Note: Please add more in between frames to make animation smoother.

Step 3: The Finishing Step

In this last step, the man senses a monster inside him for which first a "shock" action has to be done and add an effect for it. This is shown in first picture.

The second and third pic shows the initial and final position of the wolf (Move it gradually).

Totally 13 layers has been used to make this animation.

Drawing tablet: yes (Wacom bamboo series)

Cam: Virtual camera (Action script 2.0)

Library items: 24

Thanks for referring my tutorial.