Introduction: Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial - How to Make Colorful Beads Earrings With Different Beads

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Follow me to see today’s easy Beebeecraft tutorial about how to make Colorful Beads Earrings with different kinds of Beads.

The colorful beaded earrings always meet the heart of our young girls, it makes us seem more energetic and cute. There are one pair of colorful beaded earrings, wanna to make it by your hand? There are tutorials step by step.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for Colorful Beaded Earrings Making:

Colorful Mother of pearl beads

8mm Red Frosted Transparent Acrylic Beads

Red glass seed beads

Golden earring hooks

Golden Iron Eyepins

Golden jewelry making findings headpins

Step 2: Prepare the Earring Parts

1st, thread 5 colorful pearl of mother beads by the order like the picture to the eyepin and make a loop at the other end;

2nd, thread a 8mm red frosted bead to another headpin and make a loop at the other end;

3rd, make 2 of the each patterns above to make a pair of earrings;

4th, attach the frosted dangle onto the mother of pearl dangle.

Step 3: Finish the Colorful Beaded Dangle Earrings

1st, make two seed beads dangles with eyepins, add 5 red seed beads to the eyepin, then make a loop at the other end of the eyepins;

2nd, attach the seed beads dangles to the patterns above;

3rd, Add ear hook to the colorful beaded dangle.

Step 4: Now, They Are Done!

How is your project going? I believe that you have also finished them, right? This pair of cute colorful beads dangle earrings can be finished within just two steps, so you can try them if you like and have the similar jewelry craft supplies in hand now. Do not hesitate and just have a nice try, then share us your crafts.