Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make a Pair of Chip Gemstone Bead Chain Earrings

Introduction: Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make a Pair of Chip Gemstone Bead Chain Earrings

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Summary: Wanna to learn how to diy earrings? We bet you will be in love with this simple but beautiful pair of ladder earrings made of golden jewelry making chain and chip gemstone beads.

With some chip gemstone beads, shell beads, and golden chain, you can easily make these beautiful gemstone bead earrings at home, which is perfect for you to take a vacation on the seaside, If you want to know the details, just follow Beebeecraft tutorials!

Step 1: Supplies Needed for Jewelry Making These Gemstone Chain Earrings:

Step 2: Make the Chip Gemstone Patterns

1st, slide some chip gemstone, a shell bead, more chip gemstone onto a eyepin to make a bead link;

2nd, make a loop at the other end of the pin;

3rd, Prepare a 12cm golden chain and fold in in half, connect the chip gemstone pattern in two ends of the chain with jump rings;
4th, attach earring hook to the middle of the chain with jewelry making pliers; Repeat the above steps to make the other one.

Step 3: Done!

The colors of these chain earrings are very light and perfect for the Spring and summer, If you like them, try to make a pair for yourselves and your sister! Hope you enjoy making the chain earrings with various beads.

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