Easy Beginner Magic Trick

Introduction: Easy Beginner Magic Trick

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normal deck of cards

Step 1: Setup

get three diamonds

three clubs

and three hearts

Step 2: Explain the Trick

get three clubs, three diamonds and three hearts

then put the three clubs in a pile like on the photo then do the same with hearts and diamonds.

then say at the end of the trick that all of the cards will be groups like they are now

Step 3: Put the Cards in Three Piles

ask them to pick a deck of hearts, clubs or diamonds

then mix the deck of cards they choose

then put them on three separate piles

then do the same three times

the end result should be the same as the second picture

Step 4: Make Three Piles Into One Pile

ask them which pile they want at the top and with one they want on the bottom

by asking them you make them feel like they are in control and that also makes them more surprised when the trick works

Step 5: Make Your Magic Trick Look More Like Magic

ask them how much times they want you to split the cards

when you split the cards you put the top part to the bottom (it doesn't mater how many cards you split)

Step 6: Ask the God of Cards

make a story about the gods of cards to make it look more like a actually magic trick

Step 7: The Actually Magic Trick Starts

spell club not clubs and then put every time the card to the back when you said a letter like on the video. then one letter b put it on a pile

Step 8: Do the Same With Heart and Diamonds

know do it with hearts. so spell heart and then put a card to the back of the pile and at t put it on a new pile

do the same with diamond but then put the card on a new pile.

you should have three piles of one cards

Step 9: Do the Same

do the same but then start at the other side but still start with club then heart then diamond

Step 10: Nearly Done

do the same as step 8 but then again the other side like on the video

Step 11: Finish

you should have three piles of three

there should be one pile of hearts one pile of clubs and one pile of diamonds.

Step 12: I Hope You Can Blow Your Family Away With This Trick

:) :) :) :)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the trick :)

    Ryan Somefun
    Ryan Somefun

    Reply 2 years ago