Introduction: Easy Bird Feeder Hangers

Use flag-holder brackets, paint bucket hooks, and conduit/tubing to make it easy to hang your bird feeders where they're visible but still safe from the neighborhood cats.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

You'll need:
- A flag-holder bracket with screws, usually less than $5 at the hardware store
- A paint bucket hook, check the paint section of the hardware store. These are made to hold a paint bucket on a ladder
- A piece of electrial conduit tubing, 4 feet or less (don't try to go more, you'll probably end up levering out the bracket if you do) - if you're intimidated by trying to cut a regular 8' piece, you can often find pre-cut 4' pieces at the hardware store.
- Drill
- Sharpie or pencil to mark holes
- Bird feeder
- Oh yes, a screwdriver

Step 2: Mark Holes for the Bracket

Hold the bracket against the surface where you'll install it, and mark the holes.

Step 3: Drill Holes for the Bracket

Step 4: Attach Bracket

Tighten the screws down. Once they're started, you might be able to use the drill to make things a little easier.

Step 5: Attach Paint Bucket Hook to Bird Feeder

Clip the paint bucket holder to the bird feeder.

Step 6: Insert the Hook Into the Conduit

Put the hook into the end of the conduit tubing.

Step 7: Insert the Other End of the Conduit Into the Bracket

Slip the other end of the conduit into the flag bracket. When you need to refill the bird feeder, just lift it out again.

Step 8: Bird Feeders in Place

Here are the bird feeders hanging off our deck. We can easily see them from the window, but cats and other four-legged predators can't get to them. It also helps prevent rodents from getting to the feeders, although I do have to keep the tree on the left trimmed back. If you have lawn that you care about underneath, use shelled sunflower seeds....sunflower seed hulls will damage your lawn.