Introduction: Easy Bottle Rocket

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this is a easy bottle rocket

you will need

a bike pump

a knife

some 1/4'' vinyl tubing

a water bottle (Aquafina water bottles do not work)

duck tape

Step 1: Cut a Hole in Cap

cut a hole in cap a little smaller than the tubing

Step 2: Wrap Pipe in Duck Tape

wrap one end of the tube in duck tape

Step 3:

duck tape your tube to your cap

make it a good seal.

Step 4:

attach tube to bike pump

make it a good seal

Step 5:

screw the cap on bottle

and pump it up 4-5 times

to shoot it point it up

lightly unscrew the bottle it will pop

and it will fly 20-40'


if you fill it a 1/4 of the way full with water it will go a lot higher

disclaimer I'm not responsible for what you

do with this instructable or any harm done

with it.