Introduction: Easy Brass Earring With a Purple Swarovski Teardrop

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This is an east earring project for the beginner jewelry artist.  It features a purple swarovski crystal teardrop, chain, and patterned metal.  The pair only takes about 30 mins, and they are lightweight and look great on!

Step 1: Materials

You need a few things to begin!

2 Swarovski teardrops
Patterned brass sheet metal
Any preferred earrings
20 gauge wire

Tip: Patterned metal can be purchased at many places, but I find that this website sells really beautiful patterns!

Step 2: Cut Your Brass

I personally prefer metal shears for projects such as these, but a jewelry saw also works well.  I chose to cut a 1 inch square.  I then sanded the edges with a 3m sanding block, and darkened the metal by covering the metal with a black sharpie, then using steel wool to rub away the sharpie, just blackening the recesses in the metal.  (That method of blackening is much safer than other "professional methods")

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures! I made these a while ago and did not take any pictures!

Step 3: Cut Holes and Add Chain

This step requires some type of metal punch.  It works just like a hole punch and you need to cut 6 holes in each You can look at the picture for spacing, but you need a hole in each corner of the square.  For one of those holes, punch a hole on either side of it. Then drape chain from two opposite corners to the center of the corner with 3 holes.  Then, hang one chain between the three holes, skipping the middle one.

Step 4: Hang the Crystal

For this, you just need to use wire to add the stone for the hole that the two chains connect to. 
This DIY shows you how to wrap the crystal.  You just need to attach the stone to that center hole now.  Once this is done, you can add the ear wire, and you have a beautiful pair of earrings!
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