Introduction: Easy Bulletin Board

This is a simple project that will look amazing on your wall with all your cool photos, notes, an other things.

Step 1: Materials

The only things you will need for this bulletin board is..... * A piece if cardboard( the bigger the cardboard the bigger the bulletin board) * Fabric( I used an old t-shirt) *Scissors * Hot glue gun * Push pins( optional) * Stapler * Ribbon

Step 2: Making the Bulletin Board

Lay out your fabric over the piece of cardboard( the cardboard should be folded in half). Cut around the cardboard leaving about an extra inch on each side. Then you need to flip over the cardboard so the fabric is on the bottom. Fold the first side of fabric over the cardboard and staple it in place. Continue doing this until all sides are stapled. Now you are ready to put the ribbon on! Cut a piece of ribbon that is as long as the board but make sure you leave about an inch extra on each side. Then using a hot glue gun glue the ribbon to the first corner then the middle and finally the last corner. Now you can glue the extra ribbon to the back of the board. Now do the same thing but put the next ribbon over the first one making an X. Continue putting the ribbons on until your board looks like mine!!!! If you would like your board to hang then staple and glue a string onto the back of your board!!!!

Step 3: Final Step

If you would like your board to hold better then you can put push pins in on every intersection!!! Hope you enjoyed this project and have fun decorating!!!