Introduction: Easy, Adorable Kids Bat Costume!

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We're so batty about this costume! I was just experimenting, and it turned out great and my little brother loves it! I came up with this idea for my little brother because he loves the book "There was an old lady who swallowed a bat," and hanging upside down. So, let's get started!


  • A large piece of black, lightweight fabric
  • A plain black XL shirt
  • Plain black pants
  • A plain black long sleeve shirt
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic
  • A Batman logo reference (optional)

(The pants and shirt need to fit your child

Step 1:

Have your child put on the black shirt and pants.

Step 2:

Draw the Batman logo on the large piece of cloth with a white marker or crayon. Don't draw the head, instead, make the top flat. Then, cut it out. It doesn't have to be the Batman logo, you could draw your own wings if you wanted!

Step 3:

Next, have your child stick their arms out like a scarecrow, while someone holds the wings onto him/her. Pin one end of the elastic over the joint of the elbow on the wings. Then pin the other end of the elastic over the arm. Finally, sew the ends onto the wings and remove the pins. Repeat this step for the other arm.

Step 4:

YAY! Now you're done with the wings, and it's time to move onto the hood!

Step 5:

Cut off one of the sleeves of the XL shirt all around the seam. Put it on your child's head to make sure it fits. It should look like the second picture. Then, close the small opening with a running stitch.

Step 6:

For this step, your child has to wear the wings and his/her arms need to be sticking out. Then, pin the hood onto the wings. Make sure you only pinned it to the wings, not the shirt.

Step 7:

Sew the hood on the wings and remove the pins.

Step 8:

Cut out two cardboard triangles, and four triangular pieces of black cloth. Glue one piece of cloth on each side of the cardboard with a hot glue gun.

Step 9:

Here's the tricky part: you need to hot glue the ears onto the hood. The way I did it was, I glued the bottom of the ears onto the hood: I added glue at the bottom of the base of each triangle and folded some of the hood on it. That way, the ears are secured onto the hood better, and they'll stick up.

Step 10:

YAY!! You are done with the costume! Now your bat-child can fly from house to house for trick-or-treating! Please ask any questions you have, and if you made a bat costume, please post an I made it, I would love to see it! Thank you!

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