Introduction: Easy Cardboard Speaker

This is a quick easy project that really works! Hope you will make this and enjoy it!

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard box
Straight edge
X-acto knife
Hot glue gun
2 Dixie cups or other small cups

Step 2: Making the Speaker

1 take the box and measure 4 about even squares and cut them out

2. Now you will take the toilet paper roll and trace the ends onto the out side pieces. And cut them out.

3. Before you place the roll, trace the outline of the bottom of your phone onto the roll and cut out. And underneath that cut a + shaped cut directly under the phone slot for the docking space!

4. Once you have made all of the cuts place the roll into the circle cuts in the cardboard and leave space outside for the cups.

5. Cut the bottom out of the cups and place inside the tube till a tight fit.

6. Now hot glue the roll to the cardboard and the cups to the roll. Once that has dried glue the two other sides together and you are done!

Now you can decorate the outside of the box if you wish and jam out to some music!

Step 3: Finished

Hope you enjoy this with your friends or family! Have fun

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