Introduction: Easy, Cheap Movie Stunts

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I needed a way to have stunts in my movies.  But I had two problems.  One being that I am on a low budget (all the time), and that I don't have proffesional stunt people (or even amateur stunt people).  I do not need my actors hurt so I had to devise a way to have stunts for cheap that wouldn't injure my actors, easy right?  If you said no then you are wrong.  This is my cheap, easy, and safe way to do stunts for movies.

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed:
Soft Mat ( I got this one at Fred's for $6.00)

Step 2: Open

Open up the mat.  It has four sections that are connected.  The good thing about the mat is that you can fold it for different sizes.  Also, it has a blue side that is very good for graphing the mat out in post.

Step 3: It Is Soft

The mat is very soft that your actor can land on. Or you can take a nap on it.

Step 4: No Hurt Knees

If you have a scene where your actor drops to his or her knees, this is a very good way to do that without injuring your actor.  The edges are heat sealed so it will not rip (from my tests).  This works really good for gravel, asphalt, grass or anything else that can hurt your actor or your actor's costume.

Step 5: Fight! Fight! Fight!

This works well for fight scenes.  You stuff this under your actor's shirt if your actor gets hit in the chest (on purpose) during a fight scene.  I would suggest that your actor not get hit at all though.  This is meant to be worn on the chest and filmed behind the person wereing it.

Step 6: Try It Safely

This is a very useful thing to have in your film making kit.  Though if you have access to an old mattress, use it.  This mat does not really work for big jumps or people.  So you may want to invest in getting two or three mats to stack.  Though if you are willing to shell out money, you may want to invest in large mats (the type that are in gyms).  But if you are the type of film maker who is not on a big budget, but also not on a zero dollar budget you may just want to buy a cheap matress.
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