Easy Clubbing Makeup Tutorial



Introduction: Easy Clubbing Makeup Tutorial

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Here is a perfect and easy look for going out clubbing. Very simple with a pop of colour to make it a little interesting.

Step 1:

First apply a skin toned eyeshadow or powder to the lids to stop them creasing.

Step 2:

Then apply some concealer to the under eyes, nose, chin and forehead and blend that out and set it with some setting powder so there is no creasing here too.

Step 3:

Back to the eyes. Taking a light greyish brown shade apply this to the crease of your eye as this is going to be the start of the transition. Then with a shade a little darker you want to take a smaller fluffy brush and apply this to the crease too keeping it a little lower that the last shade.

Then with a pencil brush and a darker brown you want to do the same thing again keeping it lower than the last. Also take this on the outer part of the lid and blend it onto the centre of the lid. Then go back in with the fluffy brush to make sure it is all blended.

Then with a light champagne colour apply this on the rest of the lid blending into the outer part of the eye and cleaning up the crease.

You can repeat these steps until you are happy.

Step 4:

Now for the lower lash. Take a light pink shade first and apply this to the lower lash taking it a little low and then with a darker pink shade apply this to the lower lash too making sure not to take it as low.

Then with a very intense blue eye pencil apply this to the waterline.

Step 5:

Now apply a wing to your eyes and then mascara to the top and lower lashes.

To finish of the eyes I would recommend lashes as this helps open up the eyes and helps finish of the eyes.

Step 6:

For the rest of the face apply a contour powder to the hollows of your cheeks, hairline, jawline and nose. To add a little bit of colour to the face apply a pink blush shade to your cheeks.

Step 7:

Now the fun bit HIGHLIGHT. Apply your highlight to the highest points of your cheeks, tip of the nose and also the bridge of your nose.

Also apply a little of the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes.

Step 8:

Finally with a hot pink lipstick apply this to your lips.

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