Introduction: Easy Coffee Table

I’m gonna teach you how to make an easy coffee table!


-6 foot x 10 inch x 1 inch wooden board
-Wood glue
-# 20 wood biscuits
-4 pre-made wooden table legs
-Any color stain
-A thin piece of molding
-Chop saw
-Biscuit joiner
-220 grit finishing sandpaper
-Nail gun or nails

Step 1: Base

Cut the 6 foot wood board in half (measure 3 feet from the end and cut). Then your gonna want to make sure they are the same length (3 feet). After that take the biscuit joiner and joints every 3 inches, starting from the middle (on both 3 foot boards). Take the wood glue and put it into the biscuit holes. Place the biscuits into the joints and match up the edges. Clamp the two boards together, wipe away excess glue with damp cloth.

Step 2: Sanding/legs

Next, take off the clamps and pick which side you want to be the top. Start sanding the top until it’s very smooth and not rough. After sanding, turn the “table” upside down and glue down the 4 pre-made wooden legs 3 inches from the top and side on each corner. then either take a nail gun or some nails and a hammer and start nailing at an angle to secure the legs to the top of the table. Once that’s done you want to get the molding ready by cutting it to the length around the table. Then nailing it to the sides to make a clean looking side view.

Step 3: Finishing

You can sand it down one more time to make sure it’s the smoothest it can get and then either paint it or stain it. Add some finisher to it and you’ve got yourself a coffee table!