Introduction: Easy Coffee (or Tea) Cup Plushie!

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Hello everyone! I know it has been a while, but life has been a bit crazy, so I haven't had the time to make anything. Over this period, I have become a coffee drinker! What isn't better than a warm cup of coffee in the winter? Not only does it keep your hands toasty, but it also warms you up inside! I decided to make a plush cup of coffee to remind me of those cozy feelings. It's super easy, and does not require much material! Also, if you do not like coffee, you can make it into a cup of tea, or even hot chocolate! This is a project for anyone, no matter the sewing skills! Let's get started!


  • One sheet of 9x12 felt (You can use other fabric, but I used felt because it is stiff enough to stand up and not fall over.)
  • A small piece of brown fabric (Or any other color if you don't like coffee)
  • A large handful of stuffing
  • Sewing pins
  • A disappearing marker or pencil
  • Needle and thread
  • A real coffee cup for a model

Step 1: Making the Cup

To make your cup the same size as a 16oz mug, trim one inch off of the shorter end of the fabric. Then, lay the mug onto the fabric so that the bottom and side of the cup are flush with the edges of the felt. With a disappearing marker or pencil, draw a short line by the mouth of the cup. Remove the mug and extend the line to the other side of the fabric. Next, cut along that line and put the felt that you measured with the mug aside. Keep the excess piece of felt, as we will be using it to make the rest of the cup.

Step 2: The Base and Coffee Pieces

Place your model cup onto one of the corners of the excess fabric, and trace the base with the disappearing marker. (In the picture I moved the mug after I traced it so you can see the circle I drew.) Cut it out and put it aside. On the fabric you will be using for the beverage, place the cup onto one of the corners and trace the base, but this time, make the circle slightly larger. Then cut it out and put it aside.

Step 3: The Handle

With the piece of felt that you used for the base of the mug, cut out a rectangle that is 6in long, and 2.5in wide. Next, fold it in half, lengthways. I would recommend not folding it right sides together, because it will be too narrow to turn right side out. (Just in case you did not know, let me explain what it means to fold a fabric wrong sides out when sewing. When someone tells you this, they mean, "Fold the fabric so that the design is on the inside." If you do not have a design on your fabric, then fold the fabric so the piece you want on the outside is on the inside.) Then, sew the longest sides together, as well as one of the short sides.

Step 4: Forming the Walls

Now, take the piece of felt you measured with your model cup, wrong sides out, and fold it in half so the shorter sides are touching. Then, sew them together and turn it right side out, so that it creates a tube.

Step 5: Attaching the Base

Place the circular piece of felt onto one end of the cup walls. Then, sew it on using either a ladder stitch or a running stitch.

Step 6: The Beverage

Flip the cup so that the base is on the bottom. Insert and pin the beverage fabric near the top of the cup, so that you can have a nice, full mug. If you don't want a full cup, you can place it wherever you like. Take your stuffing and fill the cup with it underneath the beverage. Now, sew the drink in place. We're almost done!

Step 7: Finishing and Attaching the Handle

Take the handle and stuff it with stuffing, but not so much that you cannot bend it. Close the side and securely attach it half an inch from the bottom of the mug. Then, securely attach the other side of the handle half an inch from the top of the mug.

Step 8: Finished!

Congratulations! You have completed your plush cup of coffee! If you have any tips or comments, please tell me them! If you made your own, don't hesitate to share! I would love to see your own little coffee cup! I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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