Introduction: Easy Coin Box

This is a simple coin box for you to collect money. it is made out of cardboard, and it has a slide lock.


Materials and tools you will need:

glue gun




one lolly stick


plastic Hinge

Step 1: Cut Out the Cardboards

you first need to cut out 5pieces of cardboard. (remember the number order of cardboard)

Cardboard No.1 and cardboard No.2: 8*8cm

Cardboard No.3: 8*15cm

Cardboard No.4 and No*5: 15*8cm

Step 2: Cut the Hole

cut a rectangular hole that is 4*1cm on the top right corner of the cardboard No.4

Step 3: Stick Them Together

stick cardboard No.1No.2 and No.3 together into the shape shown in the photo.

Step 4: Make a Roll

make a cardboard roll that is able to fit in the hole you cut on the cardboard No.4

Step 5: Cut a Circle and Stick It On

Cut a circle that is slightly bigger than the cardboard roll and stick it on the roll using the glue gun

Step 6: Stick the Lolly Stick On

Stick the lolly stick on to the roll. also, stick some cardboard on the bottom side of the cardboard roll.

Step 7: Stick Cardboard No.4 On

Stick the cardboard No.4 on to the box

Step 8: Make the Lid

cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as cardboard No.3. then cut a small rectangle on the lid. Make sure it is perfect for a coin to fit in.

Step 9: Stick a Cardboard Strip

stick a cardboard strip on the backside on the lid.

Step 10: Hinge

last, stick the hinge on.

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