Easy Corn Tortilla Chips




Introduction: Easy Corn Tortilla Chips

Do you buy store-bought chips, show up to the party, and wonder why the salsa is getting all the compliments, but not your chips? You don't have to be 'that guy' anymore! Corn tortilla chips are easy to make, taste great, and will surely bring you the ladies (or fellas)!

Step 1: Ingredients

So what's needed?
Corn tortillas
Oil or spray butter
An oven

I like to eat healthily; so these are broiled and not fried. The tortillas contain no hydrogenated oils, the salt is natural sea salt, and the spray butter is omega-3 fortified.

Step 2: Cut'em Up and Prep'em

No real method here, just slice and dice. Try to avoid thin strips because they tend to brown easily on the sides.
Place the pre-chips on the pan, not touching each other, and dab (or spray) a little oil (or butter) on just one side.
Sprinkle salt over the side with oil or butter. Don't overdue it here, you can always add salt when finished cooking.

Step 3: Cook Time

You have to pay attention during this step, because we are going to broil the chips!
-Set the oven to broil.
-Place the pre-chips in the middle of the oven. (Not top!)
-Set a timer for 3 and a half minutes. (May vary depending on how close the chips are to the broiler)
-Once the time is up, or the chips have bulged, take them out and flip them.
-Place back in the middle
-Set the timer for 3 minutes.
-When finished, the chips should be slightly golden and equally crispy throughout.

Step 4: Take Out Your Sombrero and Start Fiesta-ing

Store bought salsa, your 15 minutes of fame have just been ended thanks in full due to these high fliers.
All there is left to do is get some homemade salsa, pull out the patron, and enjoy this fine appetizer!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Broiling the chips. Has this been my missing step? I'll try it soon. Thanks.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    OMG!  Freshly-cooked chips compared to pre-cooked ... no contest!

    But the broiler?  That seems a bit extreme and, due to its heat, a bit unforgiving.  Could they be baked (with a bit of oil and herbs) fresh?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    That's good, but what about the homemade black bean and corn salsa?