Introduction: Easy Cozy Slippers

These cozy slippers are quick and easy with minimal supplies and basic knitting skills.

Step 1: Materials

Soft Yarn

Knitting Needles

Thick Felt - I repurposed some felt bins.

Large Needle

Needle Threader

Leather Punch - I also used some large pliers to keep my hands from getting too tired while using the punch.

Hair Clippers


Permanent Marker

Safety Pins

Step 2: Knit

The size of your knit pieces depends on the size of your feet, but each piece can either be straight like a short scarf or scale up in the middle.

Regardless, cast on 10 stitches and knit until you can wrap the piece around your foot with the front overlapping your toes.

If you need help adding or subtracting stitches, check out Carleyy's instructable.

Step 3: Soles

Trace the sole of a shoe onto the felt.

Cut out the shape and use this first sole piece as a template to trace and cut three more.

You're going to double up the felt to create a softer sole and cover stitching.

Step 4: Punch

Punch holes around the edge of two of your sole pieces, one left and one right.

I had a hard time continuing to punch these holes. I was getting flashbacks from elementary school trying to use a hole punch on 5 pieces of paper at once. This lead me to use pliers to help press the leather punch through the felt. This made it easy.

Step 5: Stitching

Thread your needle onto the end of the knitting.

Start on the top, left of the center of the toe, and pull the yarn through to the bottom.

Thread your needle up through the next hole.

Loop the needle through the edge of the knit piece and then back through the same hole in the sole.

Step 6: Repeat

Continue to stitch around the toe.

Stop once you've stitched on the initial 10 knit stitches to the sole.

If you run out of yarn, simply tie another piece onto the end at the bottom.

Step 7: Stretch

Stretch the knit piece around the shoe you used for your soles. Pull it around so that the unstitched end overlaps the previously stitched end.

Pin it to the sole every couple inches.

Continue to stitch the rest of the way around.

Step 8: Glue

Glue your second sole onto the bottom with E-6000.

Step 9: Trim

When the glue has dried, use clippers to trim the edges where they don't quite line up.

Step 10: Enjoy

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