Introduction: Easy Crawling Zombie Hand.

This instruction don't need welding gun. Is safe for kids to practice on to create simple circuit. But beware of small object that may be swallow by accident.

Material need:

-Vibration motor
(1.5~3V, with wire)

-Conductive tape (10 mm, Single Side, aluminum or copper surface) *1 roll

-Battery 3V ( CR2032 ,Button battery)

-Tooth brush (old or new)


-Double-Side Tape

-EVA foam (if no EVA foam, any light and strong material that easy to cut could do the job just fine)

-A4 Color paper

-Printer (to print picture)

-Scissor or knife

-Hot glue gun (to attach vibration motor on the tooth brush)

-Hand saw.(to cut tooth brush)

Step 1: Download and Print Out Zombie Hand PDF File.

We gonna use the file below to create a crawling zombie hand. Is a picture of zombie hand draw by me. You can also use other picture you like, size within 14cm* 8cm or no large than 12cm*12cm.

After download print it out. Tip here! Use color paper as printing paper.

I use green as printing paper, it feel mach to the zombie topic here.

Zombie hand PDF file

Step 2: Cut the Picture.

Tip here! I purposely cut around the picture edge, leave some distance between picture and outer edge. In that case I don't have to trace the out line of the picture, It make life easier.

Step 3: Stick Picture to EVA Foam. (or the Material You Have.)

(optional) You can replace EVA foam by using carton paper or any other light and strong material that easy to cut.

Tape double-side tape on the back of picture and place it on the proper location of EVA foam. Leave some distend between EVA foam and picture.

Step 4: Cut Down Picture.

When cut down picture. Simplify cutting path.

Use scissors to trim of edge.

Step 5: Cut Tooth Brush.

Leave about 1cm on tooth brush.

(Red cutting line depend on the size of motor you have.)

Step 6: Glue Vibration Motor on Tooth Brush.

When gluing motor on tooth brush, separate wires on different side of tooth brush.

(Don't glue rotation part of motor on the tooth brush. other wise it won't rotate correctly.)

Step 7: Glue Tooth Brush on the Back of EVA Foam.

When gluing tooth brush on the back of EVA foam, try find the center position of the EVA foam before attach tooth brush. You can place EVA on top of tooth brush to find the center position.

Step 8: Create Circuit.

In this step we gonna create circuit. the length of conductive tape depend on potion and the tooth brush you used. There are length proportion show in pictures, try to compare it with your circuit.

Step 9: Know Your Battery.

Before move on to next step. We gonna lean something about button battery.


On the back side of battery, + and - separate by tiny gap between them. When back side face down on same conductive material , will short circuit the battery.

On next step we gonna learn about how to prevent short circuit happen.

Step 10: Place Battery.

When place battery, make sure place it at the center of the conductive tape roll.

Do not let + and - connected.

Step 11: Secure Wires.

Use conductive tape to secure wires. Use fingernail press down tape make sure it connect well between tapes and wire.

Step 12: Create Switch.

Cut about 3cm conductive tape. Fold the 1/3 of front inside, create non-sticky area on the front of the tape.

Than place tape at the proper place that can touch the tape on the front.

Fold the non-sticky part back to create switch.

Step 13: Connect the Circuit.

Final to connect the circuit, cut conductive tape to connect.

Push switch forward and the motor rotate immediately.

If not, go back to make sure every join are correctly connect and no short circuit. Battery (+) face up.

TIP Sometime you need bigger area of conductive tape to connect each other, cut a new one to cover on top the join, in that case create more conductive area.

Step 14: Open and Closed Switch.

Use small pieces of tape to tape switch in place.
When need to shut down power, parted the switch.

Step 15: Replace Picture, Create Your Own Design.

You can place other picture or stuff on top, as long as it's light and not to large.

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