Easy Creamy Potato Soup.

Introduction: Easy Creamy Potato Soup.

One of my favourite soups. It is really fast and easy to cook. All you'll need:

some potatoes,
an onion,
chicken broth
and optionally chicken meat or sausages.

Step 1:

Cut the potatoes and boil them. More potatoes - less liquid the soup will have.

Step 2:

Cut the chicken meat/sausages and the onion. Fry them. Use your favorite spices.

Step 3:

Place the potatoes and some broth in your blender and blend it. Or just mash it.

Step 4:

Mix the blended potatoes with the rest of the broth. Boil.

Step 5:

Serve. Optionally with croutons, sour cream and the meat/sausages that you frayed.

Bon appetite :)

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