Introduction: Easy Crochet Pumpkin

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Crochet Pumpkin

Cooler weather brings out the nesting instinct in many of us. And nothing says nesting like starting some crochet projects. And if you're going to crochet, why not embrace the season and make some pumpkins. These are quick, easy and can be used in a multiple of ways. Even if you're a beginner, if you can do a single crochet, you can make these.

Step 1: Materials

Yarn of your choice. (for this 'ible' I used what I had on hand). Orange and green.

Crochet hook of choice. I'm using a 'K', or 6.5mm for this project, more for the sake of speed. A smaller hook will make a tighter stitch.

Row marker (a paper clip or bobby pin will work)

Yarn needle

Polyfil (or stuffing of your choice)

Step 2: Make Your Pumpkin Body

With the orange yarn, start by chaining 3. Slip stitch the ends together to form a small circle. Do 10 single crochet (SC) through the center of the hole. This creates your base. Inert your row marker to help you keep track.

Row 1: Do 2 SC in each stitch in the row.

Row 2: Do 1 SC in the first stitch, then 2 SC in the next. Repeat this pattern for the remainder of the row. (keep moving your row marker)

Row 3: in the first 2 stitches, do 1 SC. In the 3rd stitch do 2 SC. Repeat for the rest of the row. Your circle should be between 3-4".

Rows 4-11: SC in each stitch. This builds up the sides of your pumpkin. Move your marker

Rows 11-14: Time to decrease. SC in first 2 stitches, then either skip a stitch, or bring your yarn through the next 2 stitches (so you'll have 3 loops on your hook) and pull your yarn through all 3 loops. This will give you a neater, tighter look.

At this point you should just have a small hole left at the top of the body. Tie off but leave at least 24" of tail. You'll use this to create your sections.

Step 3: Stuff and Section

Using your filling, stuff your body. Don't over stuff because it will make it more difficult to create the pumpkin's sections. Thread the yarn through the yarn needle and sew closed the top. To create the sections, bring the needle straight down through the center of the body, out the bottom and down through the top again. Pull tight. This is one section. You can repeat for as many sections as you like. 6-8 sections look best on a pumpkin this size. Tie off tightly when complete.

Step 4: Create Your Stem/Curl and Assemble

Using your green yarn, chain 12. Turn your work and do 4-5 SC in each stitch. This will create the curl effect. Tie off and leave a long enough tail to tie to the top of your pumpkin. Tie it on and your done!

Step 5: Uses

It's very easy to change the size of your basic pumpkin and it has many uses. Add a wire spiral to the top for a place holder for a party. Add heavy duty magnets and arrange on your door (providing it's metal) as a wreath. Add hangers and put anywhere, or just pile high in a bowl and enjoy!

If you have pets, (especially cats), you'll find these make excellent toys as well. (Consider yourself warned). These are also machine washable on the delicate cycle in cold water.

Hope this 'ible' gave you a warm fuzzy :)

Step 6:

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