Introduction: Easy Cure for Smelly Feet

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Need a cure or know someone who does for foot odor? Let me begin by saying this is a touchy subject that has plagued many people to the point of shame. The inability to remove shoes in front of people because of foot odor is embarrassing. We are not here to make fun of anyone just trying to share good information.

On top of that, the cure for this is kind of unusual. This is not a fetish thing and in no way will I answer questions that pertain to anything but the therapeutic value of the information contained within. If you are interested, please continue reading and see for yourself how easy it is to cure foot odor!

Step 1: Causes of Foot Odor

Foot odor is said to be caused by many things. Sweat, closed shoes, synthetic fabrics, bacteria, athlete's foot fungus, acidic system, improper hygiene. And for as many ways it is caused, there are even more ways to cure foot odor.
I've read about black tea, mouthwash, Epsom salt, vinegar, baking soda, antiperspirant, anti-fungal cream, rotate shoes, powder, zinc oxide, bleach, tea tree oil, activated charcoal, cedar insoles, borax or boric acid, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, even allspice! That's exhausting! Who has time for all that?

But I have one, easy way, with something you have on hand and readily available for you to use to end smelly feet!

Are you curious? Need a testimonial?

Step 2: Testimonials

From a former stinker and happy user- "I had foot odor my whole life as long as I could remember. It was embarrassing for me and uncomfortable for my loved ones. I would scrub my feet after removing my shoes. The smell never really did go all the way away but I could mask it with powder.  Still the next day my feet would smell. I would put my socks away in a plastic bag not touching the other clothes to keep them from stinking everything else up too.
My wife lovingly teased me about it but it caused us both discomfort. I wore only clean socks and bleached and hung my socks on the line to dry in the sanitizing sun. I bought 2 pairs of the same shoes so I could rotate wearing them. Still stunk. Foot soaks in tea tree oil. I used foot sprays, creams and powders. My feet still stunk. My wife came across an article about an unusual way to stop foot odor. It made sense to her. She has always done this-as long as she could remember and never had stinky feet.
Lo & behold it took me about 16 years to figure it out for reals and try it. It just seemed so extreme to me and I wasn't comfortable with it.  I didn't say anything that I was trying it. Then after about a week my wife said, your feet don't stink, do they? I said, you're right! She asked if I had been doing what she recommended so many years ago. I said yes! It really worked. My feet no longer smell. Unless I get careless and stop-then the odor returns slowly. And she reminds me what to do."

Still curious? Keep reading.

Step 3: You Hold Your Own Cure

That's right. What would you say if i told you I am 100% certain you hold the ingredients for a cure, no matter who you are or where you live? It's true. The cure is in you. It's your own urine. Now before you start squealing, hear me out. Urine is sterile.  Or, urine is considered sterile unless & until it reaches an unclean release as it leaves the body. But really, there is nothing dirty or nasty about it. It has been used for decades by those in the know. Some will say military training taught them this trick (treat). If you ever suffered from the discomfort of itchy, smelly feet you know how critical a fast and reliable cure can be. Especially when you are on your feet all day. So yes. That's it. Try it. Don't be grossed out. You don't even have to tell anyone.

Step 4: How Do I Do It?

The best, most accurate way to administer this cure is in the morning while you are in the shower. Bypass using the pot to urinate in and do so when you step into the shower right onto your feet. If you have been dealing with this for years, apply the cure before turning the water on and and let it soak in for a minute. Then simply run your shower and wash & rinse, as before.

Step 5: How Does It Work?

It is largely thought that the urea in urine is the magic ingredient. They now make foot creams with urea in it for those too sophisticated for a self-cure like urinating on ones own feet.
All I know is that it works. Whether it's balancing the pH or killing fungus or bacteria, the main thing to know is that it does work. And it works for as long as you continue to do so. It's harmless (helpful), available, and simple to do.

Step 6: Other Considerations

  • Other self care you might want to consider along with your new shower habit is zinc supplementation. If you've had stinky feet for a long time this could be a sign of zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency is also linked to chronic sinus infections and loss of sense of taste and smell. Take as directed on bottle label.
  • Another one of my favorites is coconut oil! Use this liberally on your feet and body. It has natural sunscreen properties, is full of the good omegas and makes skin glow. It balances the oils so the body isn't over producing oil to protect the skin after being stripped by harsh soaps.
  • If your body is over-acidic, you may suffer with acid reflux. This uncomfortable disease can be linked to body chemistry. Alkalize the body with Tri-Salts- Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus. You can find it in the heath food supplements section.
  • If not only your feet stink but your breath is bad too, try drinking herbal tea with milk. You can also take parsley capsules or include finely minced parsley or parsley juice to your diet. It has powerful deodorizing properties and is full of trace vitamins and minerals.

Step 7: Try It Now, Thank Me Later

If you try this and it works let me know! I would love to hear your experience.

People who have suffered for years have found a cure in this in a very short amount of time. Break the chains of oppressive foot odor!

Try it!

I'm happy to share! Hope it helps! You're welcome!

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