Easy Custard and Jelly Cups.

Introduction: Easy Custard and Jelly Cups.

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Very Very easy, refreshing, delicious, and suits summer and hotness.




2-3 packets of biscuits.


If you don't know how to do custard or jelly then probably it is written in the back of the packs.

Tip, put some sugar on the jelly but don't put on the custard.

Grind the biscuits and put it in a pan with some melted butter and mix it well of 5 minutes. Put a small layer of it in the bottom of the cup.

Add two or more tablespoons of jelly then custard or vise versa.

You can still add layers.

The best thing in this recipe is that you can play with it as you want. Not only in cups but in trays and bowls and many things. I love this recipe and how refreshing it is when it is refrigerated.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and enjoy.

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