Introduction: Easy Custom Minecraft Dog (No Mods)

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In this tutorial I'll will teach you how to make a really cool dog in Minecraft made out of armor stands! It's super simple and easy, and there are no mods or texture packs involved.


Your friends don't have to download any mods to see your creation

More realistic animals and house objects can be created.

Create a decoy version of yourself to throw off your friends!

Let's get started!

Step 1: The Beginning

First, open up this site, Haselkern.

It should look like the image.

Step 2: So Many Options!

Next, as you can see, there are stuff selected in red. Checkbox the options that are checked in the image.

Step 3: Which One!?

BLUE: These are the positioner levers. Turn the Body lever to the left to the same position as the image.

Step 4: Ooh! So Many Choices!

GREEN: Click 'Enable Equipment'.

YELLOW: Using these you can add stuff to your armor stand when you spawn it

BLACK: Select the 'Chestplate' slot and change it to 'leather_chestplate'. Notice that on the right there'll be a color bar. Change it to whatever color the head of the dog will be (I chose grey since it matches the color of the head I'm using)

LIGHT BLUE: Put in the username of the player's head you wanna use (I put in Auntsiss_Is_Boss).

PURPLE: Select 'Item Name' and change it to 'Player Name'.

Step 5: First Order

PINK: Copy the command, then open Minecraft.

Step 6: Will It Work?

Paste the command in a command block (how to obtain command block: /give @p (username) command_block).

Step 7: Where's the Other Half?

This is how the it should end up looking like.

Step 8: Back Here Again...

GREEN: Notice that the armor stand is now turned around. Move the 'Rotation' lever to the middle until it looks like the image above.

RED: Take out the username so that when you spawn this armor stand it doesn't have the head on it.

Copy the Command on the bottom.

Step 9: Good Doggy!

Paste the command in another command block right behind the first one.

It should look like the picture above.

And you're done! This is 100% armor stand made. So if you want it for a server or realm, you're all set!

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