Introduction: Easy Custom Night Lamp

About: If you are reading this it is too late.

Learn how to make a small but effective night lamp out of a soda can and other materials

Step 1: Gather the Following Materials and Tools:

  • An empty soda can
  • A small flash light (has to fit in soda can)
  • 2-3 different spray paint cans
  • Unwanted newspapers or unwanted surface
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Can Opener
  • small glass jar (around an inch in height)*I found one in my sister's lip balm container
  • Tacky Glue Optional
  • Parental Supervision If you're under 12
  • A ventilated area

Step 2: Wrap a Layer of Tape Around the UPPER Half of the Can.

Starting at the bottom of the upper half, spiral tape making sure to cover ALL air gaps and tapeless spaces. make sure the bottom tape line on the UPPER half is completely straight.

Step 3: Do a Coat of Whatever Color of Spraypaint You Want on the Untaped Layer

Spray paint on the bottom layer the color you want and if some spray paint goes on the tape it's ok

Step 4: Unwrap the Tape

After the spray paint dries remove the tape to reveal a clean finish on the lower half

Step 5: Wrap Tape Over the Painted Layer

Make sure that the paint below has completely dried.Then wrap tape around the painted portion exactly where the paint ends at the top. If you want to be safer, then wrap do a millimeter below the end. In the picture I was doing 3 colors but two colors work better so ignore the tape at the top of the can if you're doing two colors.


If you're doing three layers wrap tape an inch above the first color to the top. Then spray a color there. Wait for it to dry then put tape over that color and remove the tape above it, and finally spray paint that and remove all the tape. Skip the next step.

Step 6: Spray Paint the Upper Layer and Remove the Tape

Spray paint all of the upper layer with the other color and after it dries remove the bottom layer and you're done with the custom paint job.

I messed up on my first one so I switched cans

Step 7: Using a Can Opener, Cut Open the Top "lid" of the Can

The lid should come off cleanly leaving no cuts.

Step 8: Check If Your Glass Container's Mouth Fits in the Mouth of the Open Soda Can

Mine fit perfectly but if it doesn't fit in the soda's can try to expand the lid by cutting it off to the right size. If it's too small, then try to put tape around it to balance it in place but don't permanently fix it there yet.

Step 9: Make a Hole at the Bottom of Your Can

Make a hole just big enough for the flashlight's button part to be slightly out. Try securing it to something and stab it with a drill this worked for me so I expanded the hole with a knife so that the flashlight barely fit in. Then place it in.

Step 10: Secure the Flash Light

I used electric tape and clear glue but you can also just use normal tape but it won't work as good.

Step 11: Put Clear Tape or Glue Around the Glass Lid and You. Are. DONE!!!!

don't mind the lightning.

Step 12: The Lamp Provided Enough Light

The lamp provided enough light for me to read a book in a 6x6x10 room. I hope you liked this instructable and thank you for taking your time. That is, if you did.

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