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Introduction: Quick Custom Shifter Knob for Vehicle

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This is an idea I came to me when I got my little Tacoma. I am a huge fisherman and I like to deck my truck out with multiple piece of fish. So one day it came to me, I wanted a custom shifter knob without taking the original stock shifter off. Thus, Hitch ball covering! EASY, fit on, take off, switch for different occasion. It's Awesome!!

Step 1: Check Out Your Shifter Knob

Will it fit? There are so many different kinds of vehicles with so many different kinds of models that come manual or automatic shifters out there, will it work for yours? Well your just going to have to play trial and error. You might need to modify the hitch cover to make it work for your vehicle.

Step 2: Pick Your Style

Maybe you like to fish?

Maybe saltwater fishing?

Maybe freshwater?

Maybe bass fish?...Wanna go sometime?

Maybe you like to hunt?
Part of the NRA? Love dogs? Are you Patriotic?

Maybe you like Sports?
Soccer?...Baseball?...Football?...? What's your favorite team? Alabama?...Ohio?...?

Or maybe your your different and you like politics? or your a Moose-lover?

Whatever it maybe there is literally thousands of different types of hitch covers you can use to change up your shifter knob without changing your factory shifter.

You can find your style just about anywhere.

Good place to start is internet. Go take a look, Search "Animated Hitch Ball Cover" and pick your style. Also Check gas stations, outdoor stores, tool stores, the big retail stores etc., for other different style of hitch coverings.

Step 3: Fit to Shifter Knob

Take hitch cover and fit on to shifter knob. Like I said before, you may have to do some modifications like cut the hitch covering to make it work for your specific shifter. Here the one I used for my truck, 2011 'Yoda 'Coma. Boom, that easy!!
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