Introduction: Easy Custom Wand

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I made a simple template so anyone can make their own custom wand with a 3D printer. It's a beginner level Tinkercad project so basically right after going through the tutorial you can take on this project. If you've got some experience in Tinkercad this will be a piece of cake for you and you can try experimenting a bit more :-)

Kids ages 8 and up should be able to make this with a bit of help quite easily.


3D printer


Any device that runs Tinkercad (PC, Mac, tablet, ...)

Step 1: Discover Which Wand Will Choose You

First of all you want to know how long your wand is supposed to be. So take the official quiz created by J.K. Rowling to determine which wand will choose you here

Step 2: Log in to Tinkercad

Create an account or log in to Tinkercad

If this is your first time working with Tinkercad first do the tutorials that pop up when you log in. It will take just a little time and it will explain to you all the basics that you need to start this project.

Step 3: Make a Copy of the Wand Template

Make a copy of this Tinkercad project called Customizable Wand 3Demon by clicking copy.

In the scene you will find a wand in 4 parts (separated by 0.1 mm gaps), 2 hexagonal pins and 3 pin shaped holes (2 hidden inside the wand and 1 above the wand)

Step 4: Change the Length of the Wand

The default length of the wand is 305 mm (plus three 0.1 mm gaps). Change the length of the wand to how long your wand is supposed to be.

The easiest way is to adjust only the top part of the wand. If you change the length of the other parts then just make sure that the holes for the pins are still in the right place. You can do that by temporarily making the wand a hole to see through it or using the hide function (light bulb).

Step 5: Make the Wand Your Own

Now is the time to make some design changes to the wand to make it your own.

You can change the radius in ten places on each of the three bottom parts.

Other things you can try:

  • adding or subtracting other shapes from the side menu
  • use the custom font text ring shape generator to add or subtract symbols, text or any kind of texture by importing an SVG file. You can make any image into an SVG file here just keep in mind that it will take some shades and make them full black and the rest will be full white, nothing in between so it works best with images that are that way to start with.

PS: You can change the color of the wand parts to what you like but the color of the printed parts is going to depend on what color filament you use for each part when you print it.

Step 6: Export the Parts

When you like the way the wand looks cut out the holes for the pins using the group function.

If any of the parts are bigger than what can fit on your 3D printer you can use the hole object that is above the wand an put it where you want to make the cut.

Then select the parts you need (duplicate the smaller pin if you made the additional cut) and click export, choose STL.

If your slicer doesn't support separating objects that are in one file (like Cura) you can either use a better slicer :-D or put the file first into Meshmixer and there under edit click separate shells and then save them separately. Or you could duplicate the objects in Tinkercad and make the pin holes in each object separately and then export them.

Step 7: Slice It

Import the STL file into your slicer (I use Prusaslicer), separate them and print them in whatever color you want.

Tip: If you have some trouble printing the tip because of retractions you can either lower them or switch them of in your settings or try printing it in spiral vase mode. There might be a small hole at the top but it's an easy fix.

Step 8: Print It

Put the kind of colored filaments (I used Fillamentum PLA) you want in the printer and print the g-code.

Step 9: Assemble It

After printing put a bit of glue on the parts or in the pin holes and put all the parts together.

Step 10: Finished

That's it!

You can also make them for other members of your family and then print a wand stand to display them or if you want to support us you can print some other wands that we made for your collection.

If you make them you can paste a link to your model in the comments of the original project so that we can see them :-)