Introduction: Easy DIY Envelopes

A Tutorial

Learn how to make cute DIY Envelopes using scrap book paper, magazine pages and other fun printed paper.

Years ago, when my Mom and I used to still write letters to each other, we started making our own handmade envelopes. We used everything from the Sunday newspaper comic section to old calendar pages and even our own photographs. It’s especially fun to personalize your envelopes based on what your recipient likes.

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

– Scrapbook Pages, Magazine or Calendar Pages

– Scissors

– Glue Gun or Glue Stick

– Blank Envelope

– Pencil

– Ruler

Any paper will work for envelope making as long as it’s sturdy enough and large enough. Here are just a few suggestions: Magazine pages, Catalogs, Scrapbook paper (many of the kits also include labels you can use for the addresses), Family Photos printed on large paper.
Handmade envelopes are not just for greeting cards or letters, either. Think Baby Shower or Bridal Shower Invitations and Christmas Party invites. Have your girlfriends over for a DIY Envelope Party!

Step 2: ​Make an Envelope Template

First, you have to create your template. Any blank envelope will do, just make sure it’s larger than the card or letter that goes inside. You may want to use several different sizes of blank envelopes for templates.

Carefully, undo the glued edges of your blank envelope. A sharp knife may help. If you have the time (and are so inclined) you can steam them open. This will ensure clean edges. They really don’t have to be perfect, though.

Step 3: ​Outline the Envelope

Lay the now-open blank envelope on top of your scrapbook paper or calendar page. Play around with the position of the template to make sure the front of your envelope looks good. I wouldn’t worry too much about the image being perfectly straight on the envelope. It’s more fun to play with different angles.

Once you have the layout you want, use the pencil and trace the edges of the blank envelope onto your craft paper. Then, cut out the outline with your scissors.

Step 4: ​Fold Paper Into Envelope

Lay the template on top of the cut out paper. Using the creases in the blank envelope, fold your craft paper along the same lines. It helps to lay the ruler along the creases and folding both papers over the ruler.

Step 5: ​Glue the Handmade Envelope

Using the blank envelope as a guide, fold and glue the edges of the bottom portion of the envelope. Let the glue dry completely. (Yes, my Christmas envelope is upside down )

Step 6: Finish the Envelope

The only left to do is add a label for the address. This can be cut out of coordinating paper or it can be a simple, white address label.

Just make sure the glued edges are holding together well.

Have some fun with this. According to the US Postal Service, envelopes don’t have to be any specific size or shape. You can even slap an address label and postage on a basketball and mail it.
Just be courteous and make sure the addresses are easy to read. It’s no fun if your cute diy envelope doesn’t arrive at its destination.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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