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This is a simple project requiring very few tools. It starts with recycled cabinet door. I used a table saw to to square up the edges of the cabinet door but this is an optional step.


*Recycled cabinet door

*Chalk board paint

*Latex or spray paint

*Small clothespins from Walmart

*Hot glue gun

*Table-saw but not necessary for this project

Step 1: Optional Step: Square Up the Edge

To make this message board not look so much like a cabinet door, I used a table saw to put a 10 degree back slant as I cut off the round over.

Step 2: Paint the Styles and Rails

Depending on what you have available, paint the styles and rails the color of your choice. I used spray paint because I didn’t have any latex paint colors I liked. It was cold and raining outside so I set up a makeshift painting booth in my shop.

Step 3: Paint the Chalkboard

Using chalkboard paint, paint the chalkboard. It may take a couple of coats.

Step 4: Embellish the Message Board With Mini Clothespins

Using my makeshift spray booth, I painted the mini clothespins I purchased at Walmart. I’m sure you could also find these at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Step 5: Add the Clothespins to the Perimeter of Your Message Board

I used a hot glue gun to add the now painted mini clothespins to the message board

Step 6: Time to Hang It

Hang your new message board near the door so it’s easy to use. I clipped coupons with the mini clothespins. It’s also a great place for your keys.

Thanks for looking, I hope it helps you get started with your message board.

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