Easy DIY "No Mess" Easter Grass

Introduction: Easy DIY "No Mess" Easter Grass

I have a confession… 
Easter is not one of my favorite holidays. That plastic grass gets everywhere, people give my child copious amounts of sugar, that plastic grass gets everywhere, I am Buddhist so we are not church-goers so it seems silly to do the dressing up thing, and did I mention that plastic grass gets everywhere?

Since I was sick over the Valentine crafting season, I thought I should do something fun and crafty in preparation for Easter, at least to make it special for my daughter, who turns 11 that same week! 

Materials Used:

1. First, grab your yarn and basket(s). It helps to gauge how much you need to make if the basket is on hand. You will also need scissors and some patience. This is a great stash buster! Use up the odds and ends of yarn colors that you may have left from other projects.

2. Cut strips of yarn (I looped it around my arm a few times then cut both ends). Fray one end, and grip one of the pieces. The idea is to pull the strands apart. But keep at least one strand taught while you pull with another. This will keep the yarn from bunching up on you.

3. Fill your basket with your fluffy, handmade ‘Easter Grass’! It is also great for prop pictures. My favorite trick is to put a newspaper ‘pillow’ in the bottom of the basket, to fill empty space. I took several photos for Beadful Things using the grass as a back-drop.

This is a super easy activity to do with the kids!  My munchkin had fun helping me make all the different colors and even helped set up the pictures (those are also her baskets we are using as props!)

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