Introduction: Easy DIY Paper Crafts: How to Make Origami Bed With Bedding

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I have always had a special fascination of making Easy DIY Paper Crafts Project and learning How To make Origami Bed with bedding has been my first step on the avenue.Making an easy paper craft of an Origami Bed for Doll House is an amazingly sweet and fun art and craft activity for kids.The favorite game of Playing House is absolutely incomplete without this Origami Bed with bedding for Doll house.

Indulging in an activity of making simple Origami crafts for kids, especially this simple and cute Origami Bed Craft gets you back to the childhood days when we all wanted to be grown ups. The Origami Bed looks quite simple to make but is a technical set of paper folding tricks of origami that you need to master. For your convenience, watch and learn how to make the Easy Origami bed with the help of a step by step complete tutorial!

Step 1: Material Required!

There are a few very basic and quintessential material requirements that the Origami Bed calls for:

Printed Paper

Colored paper




Step 2: Let's Begin!

The very first thing that you need to do while you make the Origami bed is to take a piece of colored paper measuring 16 cm broad.

Fold it to divide and get 3 crease giving you 4 equal columns.

Now refold the same paper to get 8 equal sized columns.

Flip the paper so the two paper flaps face the table and fold the corners of the top flap.

Cover the Upper folded corners by folding on flap to the other side.

Step 3: Your Origami Bed Is Ready!

Add some more fold to the Origami Bed paper till you get such a paper folding pattern.

Stretch open the two opposing flaps, pressing the corners firmly and shape the Origami bed with your fingers.

Watch the complete tutorial on how to fold the paper to make an Origami Bed.

Step 4: Let Us Make the Bedding!

Making an Origami bed with bedding is an interesting idea! Isn't it? Let us see how:

Take a square shaped paper measuring 8 cm on all sides.

To make the pillow cut out a piece of printed paper measuring 4 cm x 8 cm.

Follow the paper folding instructions for easy Origami bed in the tutorial here .

Step 5: Your Easy and Cute Origami Bed Is Ready

Easy Origami Crafts for kids couldn't get any easier. Isn't this Origami bed with Bedding an adorable kid's craft idea! Origami Crafts have always been a favorite amongst DIY Kid's Craft Projects. It is the sheer fun and simplicity of kid's origami Craft ideas that attracts them towards making such unique paper models using Origami Art.

So watch the step by step tutorial and learn how to make a cute DIY Origami Bed with Bedding.

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