Easy DIY Shin Guard Holders

Introduction: Easy DIY Shin Guard Holders

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make simple and easy shin guard holders out of something you only use about two months out of the year.

Step 1: Dig Into the Sock Drawer

we've all been there at some point in your rec league hockey career... you get to the dressing room to suit up for that night's titanic struggle and BOOM....you've lost your shin guard straps!

have no fear... as long as there's winter in your area, there's a solution.

one that not only makes use of something you barely use... but also looks cool, makes a conversation piece, and puts your wallet at ease.

materials needed:
- boot socks
- scissors

Step 2:

for mine... i cut them open just above the toe. this creates a sleeve, and with boot socks, its a sleeve with a tight yet stretchy dexterity.

another benefit: the thick wool material keeps your calves nice and hot and loose.

Step 3: Look Awesome

after its all said and done:

the socks should fit snugly and nice over your shin guard and during the game you shouldn't suffer too much shift. you can still put a strip of tape around it... or use an old boot string or something for added stability.

side note: you can also use the long sleeves cut off of a shirt.. but they well be loose and need some tape or strings or something to keep them in place.


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