Introduction: Easy DIY: Sketchbook(No Stitch/No Glue)

Helloo, This is my first Instructable so please bear with me a little..

This Instructable will provide you a very easy and simple (with materials you normally have at home) to make a sketchbook.

Most sketchbooks you find are around $10 bucks (Amazon is) so i looked for other ways for a sketchbook but unfortunately i did not want to buy the glue, and i dont know how to stitch (Which i will learn at one moment in my life) so thanks to a video with strings and paper i had the idea to make this sketchbook.

This sketchbook is perfect for a diary/drawings/notes etc..

Step 1: Gather Material


  • Blank Paper ( As much as needed, keep in mind one paper is equal to 4 pages)
  • String
  • Pressure Clips (Minimum of 2)
  • Marker
  • Sccissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape (Optional)

Step 2: Fold


Fold the blank paper in half, as perfect as possible as you can (you can use the ruler to make the fold better).

Repeat this with the paper you have.

Step 3: Mark


Use the ruler and mark 1cm of space with a pen or the marker on both ends.

Make a line on the top and bottom (where the marks are).

Make a triangle shape.

Step 4: Cut

Take a maximum of 5 sheets and cut the triangle,align it and make sure that there is an aempty space where you cut.

Step 5: Wrap It Up

For the string i recommend using 5x/6x the length of the sketchbook, better have more then less.

Now, take half of the sheets and make one round around the sketchbook.

Put the other part of the sheets on top(like a sandwich)

And make the rounds until its only some string left.

Tie it up (Double tie it)

Trim it if you don't like it.

Step 6: Optional: Reinforcement & Decoration

Use the tape and , well, tape the edge of the sketchbook, use color paper, paint, stickers to decorate it.

~Use your imagination~

And that's it, really easy as you can see, sorry for my poor talent and bad quality of the pictures.

And if you guys want i can make a video ( I'll just have to "borrow" a camera).

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