Easy DIY Universal Smartphone Bike Mount IPhone 6 Iphone 6 Plus

Introduction: Easy DIY Universal Smartphone Bike Mount IPhone 6 Iphone 6 Plus

Universal Smartphone Bike Mount for iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5s, Galaxy, motorola, etc etc

This is how we make an easy inexpensive smartphone tripod mount. It takes about 5 minutes including drying and setting time and then its off to the races.

Materials/Tools Needed

1) Piece of wood at least 3in by 2in and can be bigger depending on the size of your device and how many PuGoo Mini pads you want to use. You can also use different materials like metal or plastic and you can change the basic design to what ever you want. The key is enough surface area for the pads to make good contact with your device.

2) 2 Cable ties 11in long

3) Gorilla Glue. You can use any kind of super glue or epoxy that can securely attach metal to wood. You would need the time to set it.

4) 2 PuGoo Mini Nano Suction Pad - Available from www.2040studio - This is a smaller version of our...

5) Drill for the 4 holes

Assembly Steps

1) Draw an outline for the 4 holes and the area for 2 PuGoo mini pads

2) Apply some glue where you want the Nano pads to be placed on the wood. Place the pads, press evenly and allow to set

3) Insert the cable ties and then secure them around your handle bars. Make them as tight as possible and use a pair of scissors to cut the extra off.

4) Make sure the pads are clean and also the surface of your device. Now you have created your our universal bike mount and you are ready to ride.

What devices

Works with any device or case with a smooth surface. Will not work well with leathery, rubbery or heavily textured surfaces. For devices with these surfaces simple place a case with a smooth surface on them for use.

Nano Pad Maintenance

Over time and with use the pad will attract dirt and dust to itself. Simply use a damp lint free cloth to wipe the dirt of, allow to dry and its back to its original strength. Thanks for viewing our video we will return with our DIY project soon.


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    2040 Studio
    2040 Studio

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello Seamster, we have actually tested it on bumpy roads with no issues at all. The best device shave smooth clean surfaces like the iphone 6. Works great. We launch the PuGoo Mini tomorrow on Kickstarter.com so you can get some at a great deal. Thanks.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! That looks handy. Does it hold securely even through a bumpy ride?