Introduction: Easy DIY Valentine Gum Dispenser

This instructable is for a simple Valentine's Day gum dispenser. When you pull the ribbon the gum will pop out. These could be mass-manufactured for an entire classroom or you can make just one for that special person in your life.

The little babies can be smashed out in no time, look great and are guaranteed** to get that lucky lady in your life to notice you.

Once you understand the basics these can be made with little cost and little time.

** Note: There is no guarantee.

Step 1: The Materials

The materials you will need will depend on how many you want to make. Each one requires:

3" x 7" piece of cardboard (preferably decorated)
2.5" x 2.5" card for the front (you can make this or buy one, I'll describe the former)
12" ribbon
Double-sided tape or glue
Holepunch (anything that will make a hole in cardboard will do)

You can make three of the cardboard pieces from one standard (8.5" x 11") piece of cardstock.

Step 2: Make Basic Shape

Once you have you 3" x 7" peice(s) of cardboard you should fold it in half and cut a half-circle out of the non-folded end. Just below the half-circle cut punch a hole with your holepunch. I used a square holepunch for that extra touch of fancy.

Place the double-sided tape along the edges (see picture below). Press firmly.

Step 3: Make the Card

Cut two pieces of paper about 2.5" x 2.5". Make the outer paper (the nicer one) a bit smaller than the backing. Place two hole punches in the top corner. Then insert some ribbon around these two holes and tie a bow. The space inbetween the cards is where you write your note (sonnet, love poem, gum related joke, etc.).

Use the double-sided tape or glue to stick this to one side of the larger cardboard piece we made in step 2.

Step 4: The Ribbon and Finishing

Cut a piece of ribbon to about 12". Thread the ribbon through your punchhole. Make sure that the ribbon is even on both sides of the container. Now take your gum and use it to push down the ribbon all the way to the bottom. Tie the ribbon in a knot(or bow) about an inch from the top of the container. Cut off any excess ribbon above the knot.

When you pull on the ribbon the gum will move up the cardboard container and out of the package. To finish this make sure there are no ugly lines or cuts, exposed tape or poorly shortened ribbon.

These take almost no time to make and add that special 'hand-made' touch to your Valentine's Day. Thanks for reading.