No Tools, Easy DIY Wood Pallet Couch.

Introduction: No Tools, Easy DIY Wood Pallet Couch.

What you will need:

-Wood Pallets (as many as you need/find)
-Fine and Course Sand Paper
-Futon Mattress

The hardest part of this project is locating safe and reusable pallets, especially if your couch is going to be used indoors. You need to be very careful that the pallets you choose are not infected with rot or mold and is properly treated, the supplier should be able to answer these questions but, if they are unsure the search must go on! Your health is way too important to take that risk. 

We were fortunate enough to stumble upon our pallets our first time out. We went to a large well known home improvement store and asked very nicely. After a few quick calls back and fourth to management we walked out with several packs of sandpaper, four FREE 4' by 3.5' great looking wood pallets and smiles on our faces. 

As soon as we got home we started sanding away, tops, bottoms, edges, surfaces, corners, you name it and it was sanded. (We didn't have a sander so this step took several days, it was rough, but very worth it!)

We bought our very affordable futon matresses at ($190.00 for both), one queen mattress for the couch (we used our wall for the back rest) and a twin mattress for our chaise. The dimensions worked perfectly and any extra exposed wood have made perfect sides and end tables!

Once we maped out how we wanted to set up our couch (we started with our chaise first) everything else was a breeze! 

This is our finished result and my husband and I couldn't be any happier!

Thanks so much for viewing!

Bye for now! 

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