Introduction: Easy Delicious Bread Pudding

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In this instructable I will show you how to make Bread Pudding. Bread pudding is one of those age ole classic desserts, or hey eat it for breakfast if you want, kind of resembles a French Toast casserole, haha. Bread Pudding is super easy to make, using simple everyday ingredients, if I can make it you can make it. Let's get baking! :)

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Follow these easy steps below or watch the video tutorial or do both! :)

Step 1: Ingredients/Tools

You may print the recipe here if you like.


  • 2 cups of milk (3 if using more bread) (500 to 750mL)
  • 2 Tbsp. of butter (30g)
  • 1 tsp. of vanilla extract (5mL)
  • 1/3 cup of white granulated sugar (70g)
  • 1/8 tsp. or pinch of salt (less then 1g)
  • 1lb or about 6 cups of cubed bread (Challah, Brioche, etc. Any bread will work)
  • 3 eggs (4 if using more bread)


  • Bowls
  • whisk
  • 8x11 pan or dish
  • knife

Step 2: Heat Milk and Butter

First let's preheat our oven to 350 F. (176 C) Then let's heat up our milk and our butter in the microwave until the butter melts, then combine the melted butter with the milk. Use a whisk and mix them together. Alternatively you could use a pot on the stovetop.

Step 3: Add and Whisk

Now let's add in our sugar, vanilla extract, and our salt. Then use a whisk and combine, assuring the sugar dissolves. If you are on the stove top, just add the milk, unmelted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt, and then on low heat, warm the mixture until the butter melts. Set the mixture aside to cool.

Step 4: Whisk Them Eggs

Now let's whisk up those eggs.

Step 5: Cut and Place

Now we need to cut up our bread into squares, roughly 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Then place in an 8x11 dish or pan, which we have greased with butter. Note with this much bread, you may want to add an additional egg and additional cup of milk. This was a 1 pound loaf of Challah. But Brioche works great, or any other kind of bread.

Step 6: Pour and Bake

Now let's combine our eggs with our milk mixture and whisk. Then pour that mixture over your bread and bake in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes until the top gets golden brown and the custard sets.

*Tip - If the top bread is getting to brown, place foil over the top.

**Tip 2 - You may want to use a bowl first, and place your bread chunks in there along with the liquid, then allow the bread chunks to soak up the liquid, before putting it into your dish to bake. I recommend this if you are using a harder stale bread.

Step 7: Toppings and Serving

Now once it comes out of the oven, let's let it cool for a little bit before topping it off with powdered sugar, or some other sort of topping. :) Enjoy!

Step 8: Video Tutorial

Now watch those steps in action by checking out the video tutorial. :)