Introduction: Easy Dog Training With a Plotz Table

Teach Your Dog To Stay The Easy Way!

Step 1: Teaching Your Dog to Stay Reliably Will Make for Happier Pets and Pet Owners. Building a Simple, Cheap Table or Recycling an Old Table Makes Teaching This Important Lesson So Much Easier.

Depending on the size of your dog you will want to re-purpose or build a table out of scrap wood around 2 foot square and 8 to 12 inches high. It should be very sturdy, not wobbly, no nails of screws showing and sanded to prevent splinters in puppy paws.

Step 2: Training Time! Buy Cheap Hotdogs, Cut Into Tiny Pieces, Put in a Zip Lock Bag. Stuff Into Your Pocket or Training Pouch. Grab Up a Dog Leash, Make Sure Your Dog Has a Properly Fitted Collar and Head Outside to Your Table!

Snap on the leash. Show your dog the table. Tap on it and tell your dog to climb. Help them up there and immediately give several hotdog treats and praise them in a happy voice. Pet and praise!! Now gently pull with the leash and tell them "free girl/boy" and praise them for getting down. Start all over. If the dog hops down before you tell them to immediately lower your voice, scold Phooey phooey no no, catch them, tap table, climb and immediately switch to happy high pitched praise and give more treats. They can sit, stand, lay down or circle on the table. Start dropping the leash, wave your hand in front of their name nose and say "stay!" Step back a couple feet. Count to five, step to them and praise them for staying! Give them their Free Boy/Girl command and letting them drag the leash praise them for a minute. Repeat and gradually build up to walking around them on the table, turning your back on them, putting more distance between you and adding distractions. Build up to them staying on the table for an hour. They can take a nap if they want...:-) That is all there is to it! Transition to the ground easily once they understand the stay and free dog command. This can be taught in just a couple of training lessons. Good luck and Happy Training!

Step 3: