Introduction: Easy Domain Archiving

There are many reasons someone may consider archiving a domain/website, such as the site is very old and will likely not be available any more.

Maybe you're like me, and have Dial-up at home that you never have access to, but do have access to the internet at another location

But you want to see these sites without being connected

Step 1: Download the Proper Software

I prefer using the software HTTRack

It's an efficient domain archiving tool that edits the webpages to be interlinked, rather than using links to the internet

You can download HTTRack here

Step 2: Setting Up the Tool

Please, before doing this...

Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Anyways, once you have established that, install the archiving tool and run it.

Identify the URL for archiving, as well as settings that you wish to have and select the desired settings (As shown in the pictures)

Step 3: Finished!

This can take some time, but once finished, you can browse the site offline!