Introduction: Easy Drywall Patch - Blowout Patch Method

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This is a simple method of repairing holes in drywall without needing an expensive and gimmicky drywall patch. Mesh/metal drywall patches often come out looking very lumpy, this method will typically come out much smoother looking.

You'll need:

20 minute mud (pre-mixed will work as well)

Putty Knives

Mud Pan

Utility Knife

A scrap piece of drywall to cut your patch from

Step 1: Measure Your Hole

This hole was approx 3.5" x 11". If your hole is round, it might be easier for you to cut it into a square/rectangle shape.

Step 2: Mark the Backside

Flip the new piece of drywall upside down and mark out a shape to match the size you just measured. This is a 3.5"x11" rectangle drawn on the back of the drywall.

Step 3: Score, Snap and Peel

Now use your razor blade to score along the lines you drew.

Then snap the drywall along the score lines.

Finally, peel the drywall off of the front paper, being careful not to rip the paper.

Step 4: Clean Up Your Paper Edges

Use your razor to square off the edges of your patch. This will make it easier to feather over with your putty knife.

You can also test fit the patch in the hole and make sure it fits. A snug fit is preferred.

Step 5: Mud It Up

Mix your 20 minute mud and apply it around your hole. Then press the blowout patch into the mud. You can then apply a nice smooth coat over the entire patch.

You can also use pre-mixed drywall compound, but it will take longer to dry. The 20 minute mud is nice because you can wait 20-40 minutes and then lightly smooth it with a damp sponge to get rid of lines and imperfections. Pre-mixed will likely need to be dry sanded, which is much messier.

Anyway, I hope this technique comes in handy for you the next time you find yourself with a hole to patch!