Introduction: Easy Duct Tape Wallet

About: I am a teen librarian at the Indiana Free Library. My teen group loves to make unique and fun crafts.

So I know there are already a bunch of these but here is my easy duct tape wallet.  I made this for my teen Summer Reading Program at my library. 

You will need
     Duck tape, any colors (I'm using three different colors to show the parts easier)
     Gift card or credit card to help measure

Step 1: Create a Piece of Duct Tape Fabric

Cut 4 pieces of tape, about 10" long, and lay them on the work surface, sticky side up. Connect them by overlapping the top edge of one to the bottom edge of the next.  Repeat with remaining two pieces of tape.  Now you have a sticky square.

Step 2: Create a Piece of Duct Tape Fabric

Cut another piece, the same length, and press it sticky side to sticky side, against the bottom strip of tape. Continue with 3 more strips until you have a solid sheet made of tape. Use scissors to trim the ends.

Step 3: Create a Piece of Duct Tape Fabric

To create a smooth top and bottom edge cut another strip of tape the a little bit longer than your wallet.  Tear it in half length wise.  Place the half strip so that one half of it is under your wallet and fold the tape over.  Use the other half strip for the bottom edge.

Step 4: Create the Credit Card Slots

Cut a long strip of tape, about 18 inches long, and place it, sticky side up, on the work surface.  Cut another piece, the same length as the first, and tape it, sticky side down, onto the other piece (sticky to sticky).

Cut another 18" length and tear it in half length wise. Use half to create a smooth top seam on your long strip of tape the same way you did with your wallet.  Use the second half strip to do the other side. Trim the ends.

Step 5: Create the Credit Card Slots

Using a credit card or gift card (I used my library card) as a measuring guide, cut the length of tape into "credit card pockets", leaving about 1/4" on each side of the card.  Set the card aside and use the first one that you cut to use as a guide and cut three more, for a total of four.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Fold the sheet in half to resemble a wallet shape.  You will want to make sure that the back part of the wallet is slightly higher than the front so that when it is folded shut, it will look right.  Fold it in half the other way to create a bi-fold wallet. This will mark the middle. 

Open the last fold back up so that it looks like an open wallet, place the four credit card pockets on top.  You want them close to the center but not touching.  Cut a piece of tape about 4" long and tear it in half length wise. Starting at the bottom, press the tape up the center, covering the pockets. Fold the end of the tape over only one layer so you don't tape your money pocket shut! Tuck it inside the wallet.

Step 7: Putting It Together

Cut a piece of tape that is a little bit longer then the side of your wallet.  Tear it in half length wise.  Use half on one side to create a smooth seam.  Make sure you are covering the edge of the credit card pockets to secure them, and then fold over edge of wallet.  Trim the edges.  Repeat with other side.  You may need to trim the edge of your wallet.

Step 8: Putting It Together

Cut another strip of tape the length of your wallet.  Tear it in half length wise.  Create a smooth seam along the bottom of your wallet.  Make sure you cover the bottom edges of your credit card pockets.  Trim the edges.

You now have a brand new Duct Tape Wallet!