Introduction: Easy Duct Tape and Lint Fire Starters!!!

It is said that you cant live without duct tape. Well that is true, and to live happily you need to be warm. So duct tape is the perfect match for a fire starter. If you like this please vote, comment and follow me. Read on for the best duct tape firestarters ever!!! I got 8 mins 27 seconds with this fire starters lmk what you get.

Step 1: Gather the Needed Items

You will need

- Duct tape (of course)

- A ruler

- Lint

- Scissors

- A plastic knife

- Petroleum jelly, or vaseline

- And matches

Step 2: Duct Tape Casing

Rip off, or cut a piece of duct tape about 9cm long.

Fold over the edges by about 5-7mm.

Next you will need to chop off the corners of the duct tape. Refer to picture 3.

Now cut small slits like shown on the red lines in picture 5.

This is when you are ready to fold up the edges and make the casing. Cut small strips of duct tape approx 5mm wide. Now fold up the long side and over lap the short side end and use your small 5mm approx strip to tape it up. Do this for all corners to complete the casing.

Sorry if it is not explained well. Please refer to pictures to make the casing correctly.

Step 3: Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Spread some vaseline inside the case like I did.

Now roll the lint up so it is small enough to fit inside the duct tape casing and spread some more vaseline over the lint.

The vaseline is supposed to increase burn time. Try it without vaseline and see how much burn time you get. I got 8mins 27 seconds burn time.

Step 4: Light Her Up!

Now you are finished and can take you small powerful fire starter outside and start a roaring blaze, but that roaring blaze hopefully won't be your house.

I got over 8 mins with this fire starter. Let me know how long you get yours to burn for. As you can see from some of the pictures it was quite windy but the flame was still very strong and let out a lot of heat.

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