Introduction: Easy Ear Warmers for Bicycle Helmet

On chilly days, my ears sometimes hurt from the cold. This instructable shows how to make your own removable fleece ear warmers for your bicycle helmet, so you can have toasty ears on your ride.

(These ear warmers will also work for other types of helmets as long as they use a similar strap system.)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

- Fleece: 2 pieces, each measuring 5" x 10"
- Thread
- Needle
- Scissors
- Ruler

I figured out the dimensions of the fabric by measuring the widest part of my helmet straps. You may want to check yours and make adjustments accordingly.

Fleece is great because it's easy to work with and really soft, but you could probably use other fabrics, such as flannel.

Step 2: Cut Slit for Helmet Strap

For each 5"x10" piece of fleece, cut a 1.25" slit centered at the midline of the long side of the fabric. The slit is parallel to the short (5") side of the piece of fleece. You can use scissors or a sharp knife.

Step 3: Fold and Sew

Take one piece of fleece and fold it in half so that the "wrong" sides touch each other. There will be two lines of stitches.

Start each line of stitches about 0.25" outside the edge of the slit. Continue the line of stitches until you are a little past the halfway mark on up the sides. (I chose to follow the pattern on my fleece. You can also just stitch a straight line.)

Repeat the process for the other piece of fleece.

Step 4: Slide Warmer Onto Helmet Straps

Thread the end of your helmet strap through the wide opening of the warmer and then the slit. Pull the warmer into position. Repeat for other warmer.

Step 5: Try It on for Toasty Ears

Once you have positioned both warmers on your helmet straps, put your helmet on and adjust the tightness of your helmet's headband. You may have to make it slightly bigger to accommodate the warmers.
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