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Introduction: Easy Elastic Photo Board

About: I grew up on a farm where we had to be very self sufficient and DIY. Hard work and making and fixing what we had or needed is a way of life.

This is a fabric covered board with elastic banding used to hold photos for easy changing displays.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make this project I used about a quarter yard of fabric (18 x 48 inches) but the am out you use depends on the size of board used.

For the board I used a peice of 1/2 inch plywood. I used one aboit 17x40 inches. it can be any size. The bigger the more photos can be mounted to it

Finally I used 1/4 inch elastic banding. This is availible at most any sewing supply store but I found really good deals on colored bands on Etsy.

I also used 3/8 inch staples to attach everything. I am lucky enough to have an air powered staple gun but a hand powered one would be fine. The other main tool will be a pair of scissors to cut the fabric and elastic.

A saw to cut the plywood may be needed if it's not the needed size already. Any home improvement store could do this for you also.

Step 2: Attach Fabric

In this step we begin to attach the fabric. First, on a large table lay the fabric upside down. Then lay the board upside down on top of the fabric.

Next make sure all the wrinkles are out of the fabric and stretch the fabric tight and fold it over one edge of the board and staple it.

Next pull the fabric tight over the opposite edge and keep wrinkles out and staple that edge. Next is the corners.

Step 3: Corners

The corners are the hardest part of upholstery. The simpleb advice is to think of gift wrap on a present. Fold the corners at a 45 degree angle and then wrap the whole edge over.

The best advice I can give you is to try folding it over different ways until it looks right and do eat have wrinkles. Sometimes every corner will be different even on a simple rectangle like this. Also on this project the back will not be visible so only worry about how the front looks.

Step 4: Elastic

In this step I put on thr elastic banding that holds the photos to the board. I used a speed square to try and keep close to a 45 degree angle but I found just enthralling it worked about as good.

Hold down the elastic on the back and put in two staples. Stretch it across the front very tight. You cannot go too tight I have found. tighter is better.

Step 5: Mount Hanging Hardware

This final step is to mount the hardware that holds the board to the wall. There are many ways to hang a photograph onto the wall, I choose a eye screw method. This is a very strong method and the board is heavy.

First screw the two eye screws into the back of of the board. Make sure the eyes are horizontally aligned with the board.

Next run the wire through the eye and bend it I over the incoming wire at 90 degrees and the wrap it around once then string back through the eye. Then bend it at a 90 again and wrap it around several times to lock it. Do the same on the other side.

Wire picture hanging kits come with a hook that nails into thr wall. These work fine but I used a longer drywall screw into a stud.

Step 6: Finished

That's all it takes to make this project. I have seen theses photo boards sell for pretty good money. Doing it your self will save 50-80% retail and you can get custom fabric patterns and colors and make it any side you need.

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