Introduction: Easy Electric Car

In this instructables, I am going to teach you how to build a simple but fun Electric mini car. If you build this correctly than your car will be able to move pretty quickly!

Step 1: Materials/ Body

4 bottle caps
1 straw that will allow the axels to spin
2 smal skewers
1 D 1.5 volt battery or 1 9 volt battery
Masking tape
Wires (Black and Red Wires)

1. (You will not need to do this step if you are using an 9volt battery because of how it already has the desired rectangular shape needed to make a flat surface) First, you are going to take a popsicle stick, cut them to the length of the battery, then hot glue them to the top and bottom of the battery.

2. Next on the bottom where you want your wheel to go you hot glue the motor down to power one of the back wheels.

Step 2: Axels

1. First you are going to take bendy straws and cut out two sections the width of the battery, place one very close to the motor and the other one vary close to the other end.

2. Next take one wheel and hot glue it to the end of the motor acting as the one of the back wheels. Then take another cap and hot glue it to a skewer, make the skewers how ever long you want the axels to be. Once the wheel dries to the skewers put the skewer through the far straw from the motor then on the other side attach another wheel the same way.

3. For the other axels do the same as step two except at the other end add a small blocker so the one wheel can't leave the car. Now you should have 4 wheels on your car. Three tires on an axel and one on s motor.

Step 3: Connecting the Motor to the Battery

1. Cut off all the ends of each of the two wires revealing the metal strands inside the wire.

2. Take the black wire and attach one end to the negative side of the battery with electrical tape and the other side to one of the metal pieces on the motor.

3. Do the same for the red wire but don't attach it to the battery making it like a switch, having the Motor only turn on when you attach the red wire to the positive side of the battery ( conserving its electricity).

Step 4: Your Done

Now you can play with your wonderful Electric Car. I hoped you enjoyed my instructables and that you will try this very soon!

Thank You!