Introduction: Easy Emoji Valentines

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A simple papercraft way to share the love, these emoji valentines are cute and easy to make in quantity, ensuring there are plenty for all your friends!

Step 1: Supplies

I used just a few items to crank these out

  • Colored paper, at least 2 colors, ~10 valentines per sheet
  • a 2.5" heart paper punch (big)
  • a 0.5" heart paper punch (very small)
  • scissors
  • glue (rubber cement in my case)

Substitute colors of paper you like. The punch sizes are very good in proportion to each other. If you only have one punch, use it for the eyes (the hard cut) and cut the larger heart by hand. Any typical paper glue will work. I had rubber cement on hand.

Step 2: Cut Big Hearts and Punch Out Eyes

Punch out the big hearts from each color paper. I could get 10 hearts out of each letter sized sheet. Save the middle section for smiles.

Punch out eyes from each lobe of the heart, using the small punch upside down. This step is tedious to do by hand. I highly recommend a punch for this step. For reference, my 0.5" punch created confetti-sized cut outs. I tried a few emojis with eyes at tilted angles, but these cutouts were too small to create noticeable differences. As a result, punched the eyes centered and vertical, but it was not too important to be exact.

Step 3: Upcyle Smiles

Using extra hearts and leftover partial hearts, cut off the lobes to make smiles. These are also very easy to do by hand or with other punches (a circle, cut into two, for example). However, I like the proportion that came from using the big heart lobes.

Glue these on, taking care to switch colors. I found different angles created some whimsy and even some different effects (silly, sly, chuckling, ...). Rather than being precise with the placement, play with some randomness and make each valentine a bit different.

Happy Valentine's Day



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