Introduction: Easy Face Paint Tutorial (Camouflage)

If you ever wondered how to best apply face paint this is the instructable for you. I am a cadet in Army ROTC and one of the many small tasks they have us do before doing labs or field training exercises is put on camouflage.


- Face Paint (in my case light and dark green)

- Make-Up remover or any acne treatment product

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To put on face paint you will first need to grab some face paint. In this instruction I used the dark and light green colors I use to apply camouflage as a cadet.

Step 2: Dark Colors for High Points

Quick and simple, take your dark colors and draw lines thick lines over your high points. In my case I have high cheek bones, pointy nose, and chin so I used the dark colors from my nose to the start of my ears, followed my jaw line through the chin, and covered my forehead.

Step 3: Use Light Colors on Low Points

Now for the fun part. Take your light color(s) and fill in anywhere there is skin showing or low points. For me that was the center of my cheeks, eye lids, under my jawline, and the bridge of my nose.

Step 4: Take in the View of Your Hidden Face

There we go! Go from looking plain and able-to-be-seen to being able to suit up and blend in with the local shrubbery. Hopefully this helps any beginners, I know I wished I had a tutorial on this when I first started Army ROTC.